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What fascinates me about Kubernetes?

Social Media, for me, is a space full of mysteries 😊 @Ewa navigates here much better, but I also occasionally allow myself some publications. And although I definitely prefer concrete work on the backend to glamour, 😉 you know very well that what is most appreciated...

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VMware Summer Partner Day – relationship building

VMware Summer Partner Day sprinkled with summer rain. Success or fiasco? An outdoor event should take place in the sunshine. The word summer obliges, evoking only warm feelings. The weather is not under our control, but the atmosphere that was created already is, and...

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VMware Summer Partner Day

At INDEVOPS, we always have time to build relationships. Whether it's through the projects we do or through meetings where we can exchange business and technical news 👍 The most important thing on the wendor-partner line is positive flow and good vibrations. We don't...

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May Athletics-Sport Challenge

May vacation is in full swing. Most of you are probably relaxing, but not us at INDEVOPS. We here are bravely working for success, but this time sporty because thanks to Lukasz Maciaszek we have a real May Athletics-Sport Challenge here. Everyone chooses the activity...

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