Analytics in Monitoring

all in one place with Indevops Monitoring

All in one place with Indevops Monitoring

Where should your company start?

To find a solution that will help you make higher profits while saving your time, allowing you to keep investing more – start with IT assessment in your company. In the current, modern era of the internet, your IT department is of utmost importance. As the core of the company, its state translates directly into your business image and profits.

To accurately assess the functioning of your IT department, you should run Monitoring and/or Monitoring Analysis.

Many IT monitoring systems and your problems…

You are overwhelmed by alarm storms and long-term troubleshooting that cause SLA decreases and upcoming failures.

Current monitoring systems do not provide information about the capacity and performance of the whole environment (now and in the future)

You don’t get the option to plan the load, based on existing metrics and events.
You’re annoyed by the lack of data on how infrastructure failures affect applications.

Current monitoring tools do not help you avoid crashes or explain their root cause, because of that you don’t know if they’re linked to one another and what are their dependencies.

Indevops Monitoring is:


One platform that shows the connection between failures from different layers of the whole infrastructure – from hardware to application.


Efficient comparison of metrics and events from various sources to indicate dependencies.


Presenting you with information about actual and predicted resource consumption.


Automated adaptation of the monitoring system to the components.

Meet our solution


Flexible approach

  • Starting from 2 nodes, up to 28 nodes
  • Additional collectors for load distribution

Easier to manage

  • Extensions require no complicated configuration or break time

Unlimited capacity

  • 3500 VMs with six months history is seven nodes and 14 TB capacity
Relationships and dependencies

Full insight into the environment

  • Dependencies in the entire path from hardware to application

Maintenance-free adaptation to the environment

  • Automatic detection of dependencies between objects
  • Manual groups and dependencies structuring
Data structuring

High-speed in-logs search.

  • Raw data and indexes of structured fields are stored

Flexible filtering

  • Filters based on fields detected

Comparing different sources

  • Standardisati on of the fields from different sources
Alarms reduction

Reactions only to major incidents

  • Anomalies generate symptoms and groups of symptoms alarms

Minimising configurations

  • Alarms for symptoms from automatic thresholds and trends


Automatic thresholds and trends

Maintenance-free adaptation to the environment

  • For each metric, object and group of objects
  • There is no need to set thresholds manually

Predicting behaviours

  • Predictive usage
  • Expansion planning


Universal metrics

Monitoring of the business services

  • Building the service from monitored applications and infrastructure elements
  • Services can be available and the infrastructure might be in a badcondition

Comparing different objects

  • „Comparison of disk array port and the network switch port.’”
Flexible, customizable GUI

Continuous improvement of the environment insight

  • Sharing dashboards, correcting

Common views on the environment

  • Everyone sees everything
  • Support for log alerts is visible on the central console.

More effective troubleshooting

  • Comparing different infrastructure areas like ‘Apples to Apples’

Quick implementation

  • Extensions at the ready.

A full look at all IT areas.

  • Everyone sees everything.

Complete troubleshooting.

  • Insight into all elements and their behaviour at different times.


  • There is no need to abandon existing tools, two-way APIs.


How does the implementation process look?

We start machine learning in your BIG DATA

We discover configurations and topologies

We monitor the full IT stack: Applications and Services

We include all structural and non-structural data

We create a common view in the whole IT environment

We optimise resources and facilitate planning

Introducing the cause and solution to problems

We forecast and add automation


Servers, databases, third-party applications

Network flows and system security scanning.

Monitoring of the applications statuses, their behaviour, errors, events and failures. Creating metrics and logs.


Log Insight

Structured data

Unstructured data

IndevOps Monitoring


of IT infrastructure

VMware Certified Professional
Senior IT Consultant

Case study

All in One!

Full IT stack monitoring form hardware to applications


A large international organization operating in Europe, US and Canada with over 1200 subsidiaries and 22 000 workers worldwide.

The company’s datacenters are operating in active-active mode laveraging VMware vSphere stretched cluster configuration over 200 km distance, and are providing IT services for whole organization and its all subsidiaries. Currently there are over a few thousands of VM’s hosting over thousand MS SQL and Oracle databases and SAP instances with hundreds of other business critical applications.


Our Client was using legacy monitoring solutions that were difficult to maintain and impossible to develop.Moreover they were not cooperating with eachother so it was not possible to have one platform that: monitors everything – from hardware to applications, uses both logs as well as metrics for alerting and prediction of environment behavior, automatically tracks relationships between elements in whole path e.g. from LUN in storage array through disk in OS to IIS web page.

Proposed Solution

We offered Indevops Monitoring solutions based on vRealize Operations Manager, Log Insight software armed with Blue Medora as well as third party and our custom developed management packs and content packs.

Single IT analytics monitoring solution which pulls data from hundreds of different types of endpoints and provides information for applications, databases, NOC and management customer’s teams with: dedicated dahsboards, fine-tuned alerts!


Outcomes of Project

All in One! 🙂

Indevops Monitoring solution gives common view into environment for troubleshooting and predicting behaviour in whole IT without any alert fall!

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