Get to know one of the elements to increase security in your company!

Get to know one of the elements to increase security in your company!

How many websites do you use? In how many banks do you have an account?
Do you have the same password everywhere?
Where do you keep your passwords: on a piece of paper by your monitor, in a notebook, in a text file?
Aren’t you afraid of your bank account or a dating site being hacked?

We often hear about data leaks, accounts being hacked or users’ passwords databases being exposed online.

Reports on this industry websites that promote safety:

You probably use at least a dozen or even several dozen websites and you may not even remember how many there are. In most of them you have the same, or slightly different, password set. You haven’t changed it for a long time. Your passwords are uncomplicated, i.e. Pawel@1969 or Blok@da123. Additionally, some of them probably concern your company’s services.
What is it if not asking for problems that may or may not have very serious consequences? Especially in the case of companies or organisations where you have access to applications that contain very sensitive data.

How can you protect yourself against this?

The simplest solution is to use a password manager, which is available free of charge for users.

A good password manager has the following features:

  • encrypts the password database with your password to log in to the site (changing your password re-encrypts the password database, but losing the password makes passwords unrecoverable),
  • downloads the encrypted password database locally to your device,
  • has applications for Windows PC, Linux, MacOS and also for Android and iOS phones,
  • allows you to test your password database for data leaks on websites e.g.,
  • allows you to test passwords in the database in terms of their strength so that you can correct it,
  • has a strong password generator,
  • has add-ons and applications that automatically fill in login fields for applications and websites without the need to copy and enter them manually

Using Password Manager has only benefits:

  • guarantees that you don’t have to remember many passwords,
  • you only remember one complicated password, which you do not share with anyone,
  • generates passwords that are not easy to guess,
  • does not require entering a password, so peeking at the keyboard while logging in does nothing

We have been using Password Manager ourselves since the beginning of the company, and we make sure that all passwords are generated strong. We keep both our and our clients’ passwords, and periodically verify that they are strong and haven’t been stolen.
Of course, there are other mechanisms for ensuring secure access to accounts, such as using Social Media Logins or advanced Privileged Identity Management solutions, but that’s another topic.

VMware vFORUM, 2018

VMware vFORUM, 2018

vFORUM is a cult event organised by Vmware and Dell EMC in Poland and worldwide.

On October 30, at DoubleTree Hilton in Warsaw, workshops and lectures were held, led by the best specialists on the market in such areas as Network & Security, Digital Transformation and Modern and Agile Data Center. The special guests were, among others Richard Bennett (VMware) Dariusz Piotrowski (DELL EMC) and Roman Polko (GROM).

All vFORUM participants had the opportunity to take part in technical workshops on the subject of digital business transformation, meet industry experts and exchange their experiences with other conference participants!

IINDEVOPS was present at the panel ‘Intelligent mathematical algorithms in the service of monitoring applications, services, and infrastructure’, led by Paweł Orzechowski (CTO, Indevops) and Przemysław Tomaszewski (Systems Engineer, Vmware).

Speakers for over an hour lectured about monitoring, analysing and predicting behaviours and failures in the entire IT environment using the vRealize Operations tools: from hardware to applications, in the Data Center and the cloud, connections and dependencies between objects, and insight into structural and nonstructural data. And even though DEMO didn’t go so well for us, there was no end to discussions and questions.

Round of applause for these gentlemen!

‘Digital transformation is not a fashion that’ll pass. It’s a training plan for business muscles.’


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Global Legal Hackathon, 2019

Global Legal Hackathon, 2019

GLOBAL LEGAL HACKATHON is a two-day, law-related, programming marathon organised by Wolters Kluwer, the 2nd edition of which took place this year at the Google Campus in Warsaw.

The purpose of this event was to develop innovative technological and business solutions that would be helpful both for lawyers and people seeking legal assistance.

The participants were lawyers, programmers, graphic designers, project managers, and business analysts. Specialists in their field worked in interdisciplinary teams, which favoured the creative process, providing broader experience and a new perspective.

Aleksander Jabłoński and Maciej Maślanka as the team ‘High Five’ took part in the event on behalf of INDEVOPS. Within 52 hours – from the idea, through the prototype, business model and testing the competitive advantage on the solution market – they created a ‘Personalized Notification System‘.

Changes are the most frequently mentioned problem by entrepreneurs and lawyers, which may have a huge and negative impact on their companies. The work of our programmers informs entrepreneurs about legal, economic, political, and economical changes that came into force or coming.

We received a high distinction and great applause from all participants. We’re making plans for New York next year!!

Congratulations Alek, congratulations Maciek!!!


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