I like my job! Summary of the year at Indevops through the eyes of Ewa Szymczak.

I like my job! Summary of the year at Indevops through the eyes of Ewa Szymczak.

Are you committed to your work?

Do you enjoy it, or is it just a chore that gives you money to live on?
Do you think at all about what your work means to you?

I think about it often, and I always engage in what I believe in. When I started INDEVOPS, I wasn’t entirely convinced that the IT world would actually turn out to be my second home. I went into my responsibilities with uncertainty, as if I were taking my first step.

Indecops automatyzacja i monitoring systemów i infrastruktury IT

After almost a year, I find that my fears were just a figment of my imagination and had nothing to do with what I am experiencing now.

The #culture and #mission of Indevops, with which we go to clients, is definitely my fable.
Indevops, are competent, reliable people who are committed and passionate about the smallest detail of the products they create. They are people I trust because they give me the space to show what we do my way. The way I feel and see it.

Projects and implementations: #monitoring, #orchestration or others we work on are very complex and require highly specialized knowledge in many areas of broad IT. They require many hours of meticulous work, attentiveness, documentation creation and continuous testing. Often going back to the beginning and coding, writing or programming again. They require attention to relationships and listening to what our audience needs. Along the way, we encounter various obstacles that only through commitment and belief in shared success we can overcome.

👌 Think about what I wrote in the context of your work and share with us.
👌 What’s your story?

Let me tell you a company secret. 😉 My #CEO Pawel Orzechowski gets upset with me most often for two reasons:
😉 because I’m constantly thinking about food,
😉 because my cat shows up on our #daily.

New VMware by Broadcom, new opportunities-realize them with Indevops!

New VMware by Broadcom, new opportunities-realize them with Indevops!

New VMware by Broadcom, new opportunities – realize them with Indevops

Did you know that as of Feb. 4, 2024, there will be only two major VMware by Broadcom products available for purchase?

👍 vSphere Foundation
👍 Vmware Cloud Foundation

Both products include the VMware Aria Operation monitoring package.
If you want to be as satisfied as I am with Łukasz in the photo get in touch with us.

Indevops_Automatyzajca-i-monitoring-srodowisk-IT-Flopsar-Plugin, integracja Aria Operation

What can we help you with?

First of all, we can help you sell licenses in the new model and implement a set of Aria tools.
We like to implement these tools because we believe in their effectiveness. Thanks to them you will monitor your IT environment comprehensively and automate and simplify its management. The monitoring capabilities cover the entire environment, from hardware components to applications and even user interactions, depending on your needs.

Our customers who trust us like them too. 😊

We are the best company with the most advanced level VMawre Aria implementations.
Join with us among satisfied customers who have increased the level of reliability of their applications and IT infrastructure through VMware Aria deployments with Indevops!

Product placement can never be too much. 😊 😉
Have a great week!!!

New Year’s greetings

New Year’s greetings

New Year’s good morning, along with well wishes from the entire Indevops team. 🍾🍾✨🎈

We had planned to bring you news today about our new products, data center enhancements, but we still need a moment to get everything to tip top. 👌👌

Thank you for your interest and words of support that come to us through various channels. It’s nice. 😊

We know, and we feel it every step of the way, that we are accompanied by a large group of friends interested in our solutions, improving the work in the IT departments of many companies.

Everything we write to you about and show on our website www.indevops.com is reliable and proven.

Our business core is people and for people we want to create the best services.

So keep your thumbs up, because everything we do is for you!!! 👍👍

New Year – New Products

New Year – New Products

The end of the year 2023 is coming.🍾🍾🍾.

Let’s sum up our year and see what’s coming up next.

There was a lot going on at Indevops this year, and the New Year seems to promise more abundance.

Our team has grown significantly and we are growing stronger and stronger every day. 😊 We all bring our A-game, because new challenges await.😊

For us, the important thing is the path to the goal, and by walking it we collect experiences for our Christmas gift basket for you filled to the brim.

We’ve been thinking about, what we as a company, can gift our customers for Christmas.

The only thing worthwhile is our enthusiasm, competence, development and….

⚡🔥 ⚡🔥 NEW PRODUCTS to make your organizations function even more efficiently.

Our own proprietary products prepared by passionate people. 💪💪

We will tell you about what we have prepared for you after the New Year.

Launch on January 8, 2024. 😊

Keep your fingers crossed for us and send positive energy!!!

Also accept from us a recipe for perfect Christmas:

💤 a big handful of rest,

❤️ a whole bunch of good moments with loved ones.

😍 two pinches of joy,

😁 a smile as much as possible,

🙏 also add peace and five breaths,

🎅 don’t get caught up in the pre-Christmas madness!!! 😉

All the best wishes to you from the INDEVOPS Team.

❣ The card design was done by a young talented graphic designer, not any AI. 😊

Aria. Listen to your IT environment. Podcast series: VMware in Polish with Paweł Orzechowski

Aria. Listen to your IT environment. Podcast series: VMware in Polish with Paweł Orzechowski

We love such initiatives and the whole podcast series “VMware in Polish.” There you will find interesting conversations with extremely inspiring people from the IT world.

👌 We recommend this episode to you in particular, because Piotr Kraś’s guest was Pawel Orzechowski, INDEVOPS’ chief executive.

Listen to Pawel, because he is able to draw the listener into his world like no one else. He knows what he wants to say and he knows how to make it right. 😊

Well, and above all, he has already helped many companies implement Aria and other monitoring and orchestration solutions.


👌 “Listen to your IT environment.”


👌 Tell us how you liked it.