Principal status in Cloud Management and Automation for Indevops!

Principal status in Cloud Management and Automation for Indevops!

The experience and competence of our team has been awarded with the highest Principal Partner status at VMware in Cloud Management and Automation competency.

The Principal title confirms the skills, commitment and competence of our team in designing, implementing and managing VMware vRealize software in cloud computing environments.

Of all 7,882 VMware partners in the world, 38 companies in this specialization have the highest status, in Poland Indevops only. The achievement results from:

  • more than 3 years of implementation experience supported by confirmed recommendations of our customers,
  • 5 VMware Certified Professional (VCP-CMA) certificates including 2 Advanced Professional (VCAP-CMA) certificates,
  • 25 successful projects.

If you are starting the implementation or selection of a company that will provide you with professional and committed solutions to automate your IT services or provide you with analytics in IT monitoring, then choose Indevops 🙂

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In Indevops we focus on development, there’s no boredom here!! 

So right after HackYeah we went to the WORKSHOP WARSAW SCRUM.

It was a very fruitful weekend with experts/coaches from all over Poland on such topics as: SCRUM, Turquoise management, Lean UX and VUCA – knowledge was wavering in the air. Almost the whole company took part in it: PM, programmers, consultants and “wizards”, thanks to which we are smarter by half, harmonized by 100%.

We know the power of being Indevops!

Although everyone is different and has their own piece of flooring in the company, we like to share knowledge, cooperate, be co-responsible and change with the world of VUCA.

HackYeah 2019!

HackYeah 2019!

Once again we took part in HackYeah! – The biggest IT Festival in Europe. For 24 hours in Warsaw Expo Hall over 2500 IT specialists faced a “thousand” of projects and challenges in 3 categories: Environment, Communication and Security.

In this year’s edition our youngest team members – @Alek and @Łukasz focused on IT Security – chose a partnership project issued by Orlen, whose task was to  

“Solution for verifying the configuration of workstations and servers”.

The tool, built from scratch, met all the customer requirements and brought a number of advantages: administrators of Orlen’s IT operations center perform fewer manual tasks, optimize their time, have a wider view of the data concerning the environment and the entire IT infrastructure. Moreover, the solution is:

  • non-invasive – it does not affect the operating system,
  • scalable – from 1 to thousands of workstations,
  • flexible – you can easily add functions to other options.

They reached the podium with incredible skills, teamwork, devops culture and an unconventional approach to problem solving!

Bravo, Luke! Bravo Alek! We are proud of You!

And here is the work of the winning podium: 

More information about HackYeah:



HackYeah! is the largest IT festival in Europe, in which over 2,500 specialists from all IT departments participate every year (programmers, graphic designers, UI/UX designers, product managers, etc.).

This year’s edition took place on September 14-15 at the Warsaw Hall of Ptak Expo!

The purpose of this event was to develop innovative technological and business solutions.

From among 17 topics to choose from, we decided on IT Security issued by Orlen.

Our challenge was to create a system that would monitor the security level of the entire production facility broken down into individual systems/resources, verifying many security aspects, including the status of patch update implementation and up-to-date anti-virus and/or anti-malware policy.

The work culture of DevOps guides us, and we don’t like to waste time, so we didn’t build another analytical platform, choosing to focus on expanding the existing one instead! The head of the operation was Paweł Orzechowski along with Al Jabłoński; other INDEVOPS members remotely supported them.

By building extensions to cover the portfolio in one analytical engine, a Content Pack was created (containing dashboard and queries to interactive analysts). The whole was quickly sent to VMware vRealize Log Insight, and we added a content package, we redirected the SEPM journal and the WSUS journal; the success was ours – INDEVOPS.

We received the main prize of PLN 10,000.

Well done Paweł, well done Alek!!


VMware vFORUM, 2018

VMware vFORUM, 2018

vFORUM is a cult event organised by Vmware and Dell EMC in Poland and worldwide.

On October 30, at DoubleTree Hilton in Warsaw, workshops and lectures were held, led by the best specialists on the market in such areas as Network & Security, Digital Transformation and Modern and Agile Data Center. The special guests were, among others Richard Bennett (VMware) Dariusz Piotrowski (DELL EMC) and Roman Polko (GROM).

All vFORUM participants had the opportunity to take part in technical workshops on the subject of digital business transformation, meet industry experts and exchange their experiences with other conference participants!

IINDEVOPS was present at the panel ‘Intelligent mathematical algorithms in the service of monitoring applications, services, and infrastructure’, led by Paweł Orzechowski (CTO, Indevops) and Przemysław Tomaszewski (Systems Engineer, Vmware).

Speakers for over an hour lectured about monitoring, analysing and predicting behaviours and failures in the entire IT environment using the vRealize Operations tools: from hardware to applications, in the Data Center and the cloud, connections and dependencies between objects, and insight into structural and nonstructural data. And even though DEMO didn’t go so well for us, there was no end to discussions and questions.

Round of applause for these gentlemen!

‘Digital transformation is not a fashion that’ll pass. It’s a training plan for business muscles.’


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