Women in IT by Arrow meeting behind me.
Interesting lectures, new solutions and friendly atmosphere. 😊
 It made me think that maybe the whole IT world is not rosy 🌸 for us women, and the statistics do not always speak in our favor, but there is a lot of space for us, and as we know nothing difficult for a wannabe 😊 You have to act!!!

I was recently invited by colleagues to the DEV department, but I like my marketing too much to rebrand myself as a coding specialist 😊
However, my professional path led me ultimately to IT. 😊 And I feel like a speeding bullet here, well good in the water for now 😊.
There’s a bit of work ahead of us cupcakes to break through in this heavily male-dominated industry, but also a light in the tunnel that there are more and more of us. We act boldly, we have a lot of knowledge, strength and clout. We choose the technological areas we are interested in, where we want to work, develop and train.

We act in the IT field, doing what we want and how we want without regard to the stereotypes in society. We are fulfilling our dreams and that’s the way it should be 😊.
Apparently, these wings (pictured) give power and thanks to them we get a real rush to fly! That’s what I’ll stick to.

I will add that in INDEVOPS is also growing every year, us girls.
With us there has always been a balance in this regard, not only because the world forces diversity. Our “FO” girls are now in their fourth year, because they know that at our company it is important to have teamwork and openness to all regardless of gender. As a reminder of how they work 😊 link to article:
And on top of that, the CEO is also a “Virgo”πŸ™‚ (zodiac, but always 😊 πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜‰ ).


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