VMware Summer Partner Day sprinkled with summer rain.
Success or fiasco?
An outdoor event should take place in the sunshine. The word summer obliges, evoking only warm feelings. The weather is not under our control, but the atmosphere that was created already is, and this one was excellent 😊.
Provocatively, I started with the rain, although it only added to the charm of the event. The most important thing was the emotions with which I left the meeting, because it is we the people who are the most important. We are the ones who have the power to make and create what surrounds us.
I recently got my hands on the book “Relationship Marketing.Relationships, ties, connections….
Have you noticed that we are all connected to each other, and nothing happens in life by chance?
Building relationships, is the key to success and I will, repeat it like a mantra. At INDEVOPS we know this and we don’t have to build it, because, it just happens.
The VMware Summer Partner Day meeting was supposed to look exactly like this 😊.
Beautiful, smiling people, from small-talk to discussions, exchange of positive thoughts, integration on full 😊 You could sense that there was a hunger for the other, all natural.
I have a feeling that on a daily basis we often forget that in business it can also be spontaneous and relaxed.
That’s how I felt, and so it was. The smell of flowers, the warm evening, the bustle. Everything I was looking forward to, I got.
We were beautifully hosted by VMware, and the Tranquil restaurant was not like that at all that evening, and that’s a big plus 😊.
Although here with the CEO we have a different feeling, because Pawel Orzechowski thinks it was peaceful. Well, we’re both right, because individual experiences count and that’s great!!!


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