Photos still pre-May, but the mood was already setting for this May time. 😊
My great passion and always an amazing adventure. Every time I hit the road, all I think about is what’s in front of me. Completely the same as before starting any new project in INDEVOPS. 😊
This time Babia Gora conquered! Beautiful views, tranquility and even get tired.
My people at Indevops say that the mountains and tenis the only moments that are able to distract me from work. 😉 hmmm…I’ll think about it tomorrow. 😊
Fact, the head in the mountains rests like nowhere else. There is time and space to clear it and lose yourself in nature, phenomenal views. Staying a while alone with your own thoughts.
Overcoming one’s own limitations or weaknesses, because, as Terentius used to say, “Homo sum et nil humanum, a me alienum esse puto.” 🙂

Active rest, fatigue and great satisfaction. Moments when I forget about projects, tenders, because I know that clients will be taken care of. Already the hashtag#Indevops team will take care of that.
As always, there is a lot going on in our world, because as many of you know work is also my passion. The big sales topics are getting finalized, we are taking off in EU projects, well, and we are pushing hard our new venture #Sarkan.

Our #sales team has grown significantly, as we have three new account managers, that is, with Kaśka Katarzyna Ocalewska (who has been at Indevops for almost a year now) a total of four strong people Barbara Brandon, Jaroslaw Matusiak, Simon Haly and me. 😊
You know or not, but #monitoring, #orchestration have no secrets for us, because we are strongly supported by the #OPS team headed by Marcin Rzepa. Actually for me they have no secrets at all, but that’s a story for another story. 😊
As for #Sarkan, you can also already read a lot about it, go to our website, which I am mega proud of.
I don’t like to brag, but Ewa Szymczak pressures me 😊 so I’m bragging because I’ve already gathered a lot of positive words from you on this topic.


See who hasn’t been. Write if you have questions: to me or Simon Haly. We’ll be happy to meet and chat.
Well, but in order not to miss the May Day,

I invite you to look at the photo gallery for relaxation.

😊 Have a nice rest!



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