I’ve always been fascinated by the sky, growing up near lakes where mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets were a daily occurrence. This fascination turned into a passion for sky photography.
When I came across Agnieszka Koziorowska’s post inviting people to a “Breakfast in the Clouds” with experts from Google Cloud Poland, Oktawave, and Netia, I knew I had to be there.
My imagination painted the most beautiful pictures, and the view from the 30th floor of The Warsaw Hub Building did not disappoint!
Warsaw in The Clouds!
Breakfast in the clouds – it just had to be a success! 🙂
The event was packed with additional attractions: presentations, lectures, and competitions with prizes for Google Cloud Roadshow attendees. These included the #oktapoly board game (unfortunately, I didn’t win ) and inspiring speakers.

My attention and heart were captured by Agnieszka Koziorowska from Google Cloud and Adam Kowalczyk from Netia, who showcased the reach of the #hybrid cloud.
Secure, flexible, and fast from anywhere.
Hybrid without borders – connect your VMware environment to Google Cloud and discover new possibilities.

Other topics covered, according to the agenda:
SOC vs. hybrid environments
CloudOps – Best practices and cloud migration strategies
Cloud Masters engineering support
Networking, or cloud-headed conversations

What was happening there.
#Networking, behind-the-scenes conversations, smiling, inspiring
people – Paweł Berus, Dell Technologies.
Book signing, substantive topics, that in the INDEVOPS dictionary are called “the real meat”.

With my own ears I heard words of appreciation for Agnieszka Koziorowska:
🗯 the best in the world at her craft
⭐IT star
🗯 co-author of the book “Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification and Implementation Guide (available on Amazon).
The line to talk to her or take a picture was very long.

Of course, I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t mention the tiramisu and the delicious matcha on coconut milk!!! 😁
That’s how it was, and now it’s time to look forward to more.

✍ On the other hand, if you want to improve the quality of your work and reduce the amount of work in the first place, be sure to write to me. I will tell you how to do it with our implementations: #monitoring, #automation, #orchestration!
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