#Friday , Friday, Friday, and we want to end this week with an event that has been #Linkedin since Tuesday – Dell Technologies Forum 2023.
It was definitely worth being there and meeting you.
At least for a moment, feel the atmosphere and bustle of the city of the future by Dell Technologies.
We navigated Modern Technology and Workforce Transformation. The districts gathered in their avenues a lot of attractions, all kinds of surprises and opportunities to learn about new IT solutions. 😊
Panels and discussions conducted in the style of a real gala.
You could listen to experts, professors and technology experts:

👌 Future of Work: About the future of work in the context of new technologies.
👌 Modern Data Infrastructure: Modern data infrastructure – the key to success.
👌 Multicloud by APEX: Get to know the multi-cloud strategy by APEX.
👌 Security by Design: Security is a priority. Learn how to design them.
👌 The Future is on the EDGE: Let’s focus on the future – the future in cloud computing.

Our immediate reality is definitely #AI and everything centered around it. Many questions and doubts have been dispelled and clarified, but some of them are still controversial, for example, does AI have consciousness?
We leave you with this question.😉
Let us know what you think about it.😊

We presented ourselves in the #Apex district 😊
Marcin Rzepa, he can talk 😊, and this is only part of what he talked about.

Some of what we can do for you:

👉 VMware stack, i.e. a set for building #cloud (private) on-premise and public cloud.
👉 SDDC is the heart of the cloud and its head 🧠 #orchestration ( #automation ) and #operations ( #observability ).

SDDC as #NSX , #vSphere , #vSAN , and on top of it the head 🧠 that we have been specializing in for 6 years can cover the entire #Mulitcloud and give it a uniform user experience.
All this requires commitment not only from us as  INDEVOPS, but above all from you, so that we can best recognize your needs and help you as best as we can.
Our clients already know about this and use these solutions every day.
SDDC allows us to manage our #datacenter in the same way as in public clouds, and at the same time provides us with full control over the environment:
👉 building services
👉 management via IaC
👉 controlling the VMware cloud, just like other clouds.

The panel was co-hosted with our colleague Andrzej Szymczak from VMware , whom we would like to thank very much 😊 🤝
If you want more information about #SDDC and our other implementations, please contact us. ✍ ✍
Until next time. ✋ ✋


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