Things don’t always go according to plan, especially when working with people. Since Paweł Orzechowski gave me the new challenge of leading the IDO-BDM team, which consists of Salespeople and “my” little piece of marketing in Indevops, I have faced many challenges.

At first, there was happiness, but also thoughts of whether I could handle it?  Who else but me! Then frustration, because not everything goes “my way”, and you have to be really delicate with people.

In addition, remote work makes it difficult to collaborate. Of course, we meet “in person” from time to time, and my colleagues are really great people, but there are still squabbles. My sharp (sometimes) tongue doesn’t help.

This brings us back to the topic of ego, which I have already mentioned. So I put my ego in my pocket and look for solutions: in books, podcasts, my own experiences, conversations. I ask and talk to my husband, kids and of course my boss, but also our great scrum master Łukasz Maciaszek, “rookie” Kacper Durawa and the sales-marketing team. They give support and valuable feedback! Not advice, because you know what advice is paved with…

In Indevops, we follow the principle that intention matters. That’s why I always start with the assumption that my intentions are pure and always come from the principles that I distinguish myself by, not only at work but also in life. Empathy, trust, dialogue, mindfulness, sense of humor.

I always act in the best interests of my company. Yes, my company, because when I started working with Indevops, I really identified with its values and I really believe in the direction we are going! The path is what matters, do it so that it is good… obvious and easy solutions were never the key to cooperation in Indevops. The key is to find such #solutions that the customer is satisfied!  There is, it is the overriding principle, but I believe that as colleagues, we should also be happy while working towards achieving it.

Indevops has already grown to 28 people (a year ago when I started, there were 16 of us)!

High-class specialists from the world of #DevOps: programmers, #sales managers, scrum masters, students who are starting their adventure on the labor market and experienced experts in high-level IT, management and business.

Going back to my serving the team, yes, I deliberately use this word because management is not a good word. My colleague Łukasz made me realize that I am here to help people, not to “rule” them.

There are many interesting adventures ahead of me, as each morning #daily with the Team shows. A lot of #brainstorming and searching for the best route to success. Every day is a new challenge and a journey that I set out on. I stand up and take up the gauntlet.

Write if you want to talk about more than just #monitoring #automation or #orchestration. Just write! I’d love to tell you how we do it at Indevops!

P.S. It’s no coincidence that our team names start with IDO: I do (it)!!!

Thanks Paweł Koper for the great marketing campaign idea, but more on that another time.


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