How much does the license cost?
    • Per CPU license and per monitored item. You can mix licenses to match the environment.
    • We provide a table to be completed, which allows you to estimate exactly the costs, with the minimum amount of work needed to fill it.
    • We can sign the NDA before providing us with the table.
Does the solution have to have access to the internet?
  • It doesn’t. Internet availability is useful when updating, but packages can be loaded manually.
Did the agent ever happen to load the machine so much that it stopped the operating system/server?
  • No, what did happen, however, was that the agent happened to turn off. In that situation, the system returns the information that there is no data flow.
What are the options of POC processing
  • In the table necessary to estimate costs, you have to indicate which elements are to be included in the PoC implementation
What is the process of installing and maintaining the systems?
  • Virtual machine import (2 pcs)….
How many virtual machines are considered to be a lot?
  • 4000 VM is 7 nodes (4 structural data, 3 non-structural data) – maximum to 28 nodes.
How does this system compare to SIEM class systems?
  • We have won a tender for SIEM for one client; the whole thing should be supplemented with SIEM modules ( a scanner and Flow support)
Does the agent allow monitoring the network traffic in the operating system?
  • Yes
How does the license look like when we connect to another monitoring system?
  • Check thoroughly
What clouds are supported?
  • Azure, AWS
How many versions back do you support?
  • We try to stick to the current releases. There is one case in which we keep the release one version back (vRops) because the removed functionalities are, in our opinion vita, I and whereas they will appear again in the future releases, we are waiting for their reappearance, and then we will skip several versions ahead.
How often are the releases/upgrades of the new software coming out and can they be installed by one's own?
  • Ok, once every 3 months.
Is the communication between the agent and the central system encrypted?
  • Yes using SSL and trusted certificates.
Does it allow AP (Access Point) monitoring
  • Yes, as long as they provide logs or APIs.
Does this connect to network devices?
  • Yes, i.a. Cisco, Juniper, and Palo Alto

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